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Fuel Probe Thread Pattern

Q: I am looking to purchase one of your liquid level fuel probes, but wanted to get details on the thread pattern of the probe (this is specific to the ¼” probe, FPS-010).  What is the outer diameter of the threads, and how many threads per inch? I have a 15 gallon fuel tank with … Continue reading “Fuel Probe Thread Pattern”


Maximum Speed Limit for ASI

Q: Hi  I have an RV-3 and am considering your dual gauge meter as a back up to a glass panel.  I read the information about the airspeed indicator being more accurate at low speeds which is fine for me.  I am curious if exceeding the upper speed limit for a prolonged flight will damage … Continue reading “Maximum Speed Limit for ASI”


Bends in Fuel Probe

Q: I have an airplane with probes that seem to have gone bad and your new ones caught my eye. I have a general notion about how these things work and can visualize it when the probe hangs into the fuel from the top. But I’m not totally clear in this application. My current senders … Continue reading “Bends in Fuel Probe”